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Medicare and Supplemental Plans —

How to Make the Right Choice …

Here’s a quick comparison of the different Medicare and Medigap plans …

Plan Types

Basic Medicare
Parts A & B*
Medicare Advantage Plan
– Part C*
Medicare Prescription Drug Plan – Part D* Medicare Cost Plan* Medigap Plan (Supplement Insurance)*
Advantages of each plan Basic Medicare health coverage Replaces original Medicare A and B, often includes part D, may include additional benefits Drug costs covered in addition to Medicare Parts A & B Additional health care coverage beyond Medicare A and B, may include part D and additional benefits Protection from costs not covered by Medicare Parts A & B
Offered by private insurance carrier? NO YES YES YES YES
Overnight hospital stays covered? YES YES NO YES YES
Routine medical visits and exams? YES YES NO YES YES
$0 or Low co-pays? NO YES
(some plans)
(some plans)
(some plans)
$0 or Low deductibles? NO YES
(some plans)
(some plans)
Limits on out-of-pocket costs? NO YES YES YES YES
Prescription drug coverage? NO YES
(some plans)
(some plans)
$0 or Low premiums for prescription drugs? NO YES
(some plans)
(some plans)


                                                                                                                                                 *where available
Before you choose a plan, get the facts.

  • You could ask your family and friends for advice …
  • Problem: Family and friends may mean well, but they’re not experts – it’s not their job. Nor do they complete 240 hours of training every year on the latest changes to Medicare and Medigap, as we do.
  • You could visit the Medicare web site to search for help (it has 19,200 web pages!) or call the Medicare Helpline and wait on hold for a representative …
  • Problem: It could take hours or days to get an answer — and it may be wrong for you. Because those big bureaucracies can’t meet with you or take the time to really listen to your needs.
  • You could contact one of the Big Insurance carriers for help – the ones you see on TV or who send you brochures in the mail …
  • Problem: That’s like calling GM to ask about a Ford – one company won’t help you buy another’s products. So you won’t get all the facts, and you may make the wrong choice.

… or you could make one call and talk to us.

We’re independent agents and Medicare experts … who take the time to listen to your needs and make Medicare simple … and who can shop for you at every major carrier in Minnesota — to get you the best plan.

Why not contact us today for a FREE Medicare Answer Session?

You may not need a supplemental plan – and there’s no cost or obligation to find out. We can meet with you 7 days a week in the Twin Cities, including evenings – wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you.

And for a limited time, you’ll also get a free copy of our Special Report, Medicare Made Simple.

For your Free Medicare Answers Session, please call us now – day or night — at 952-444-9720. Or click here to Send an email.

Important Questions and Answers

Question: When can I enroll in Medicare?

Answer: please refer to the chart below …

If you enroll in this month of yourInitial Enrollment Period … Your coverage starts …
the three months before you turn 65 the first day of the month you turn 65*
The month you turn 65 One month after enrollment
One month after you turn 65 Two months after enrollment
Two months after you turn 65 Three months after enrollment
Three months after you turn 65 Three months after enrollment

* A special rule applies if your birthday is the first day of the month.

Generally, people become eligible for benefits when they turn 65 (regardless of when you take your Social Security benefits). For the most flexibility and freedom, we recommend enrolling in Medicare 60-90 days before your 65th birthday if you are not automatically enrolled.

Question: What if I don’t enroll right away?

Answer: There are special enrollment periods and penalties may apply if they are missed.

For example, Medicare Part A is free to most Americans, so enrolling in Part A right away is a good idea.

However, Medicare Part B does carry a cost. So, some people consider postponing enrollment. This can, however, cause problems later if a timely decision to enroll is not made or your benefits are not qualifying and a penalty is assessed.

Bottom line: If you are unsure or have missed a deadline, it may wise to contact an independent insurance agent to get your questions answered.

Need More Answers?

Even if you’re already covered by Medicare, out-of-pocket costs can be a concern. Not to mention the constantly changing deadlines and updates, which can surprise you.

As you near your 65th birthday – and every year after — it is recommended that you speak with an insurance expert, to evaluate your situation and ensure you have the proper coverage.

This way, you can find the most affordable care, while avoiding penalties. A specialist can even tell you what coverage NOT to purchase – and save you even more.

If you have remaining questions about any of the following:

  • your Medicare costs
  • choices of doctors, clinics, and hospitals
  • extras, such as dental, hearing, fitness or other non-Medicare covered services
  • prescription drug coverage
  • or anything else …

… we’re here to help.

Please pick up the phone and give us a call for a Free Medicare Answer Session. We’re happy to answer your Medicare and Medigap questions, at no cost or obligation. We look forward to speaking with you!

For your Free Medicare Answers Session, please call us now – day or night — at 952-444-9720. Or click here to Send an email.

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